• Our local community
    helps enrich our children’s learning experience.

    Our children, their families and our local community are an important part of ensuring our children enjoy a rich learning experience at our kindergarten.

    Management Committee

    As a community-run, not-for-profit kindergarten, Hillsdon is managed by a committee of parents who give their time voluntarily to ensure our kindergarten continues to offer an outstanding learning experience for our children and a beautiful environment.


    We host a number of social events each year to ensure our families have many opportunities to get to know each other better and also contribute to the maintenance of our beautiful kindergarten.  Some of our social events include:

    • Welcome sausage sizzle
    • Working bees
    • Class playdates
    • Class coffee dates
    • Class dinners


    At Hillsdon Kindergarten, we host a range of fundraising and social events to promote a strong sense of community among our children, their families and our local community and to ensure we can maintain a beautiful learning environment for our children. We rely on the contribution of our families and our local community to support our events and ensure they are a success. Some of the fundraising events we undertake include the Hillsdon Fete and Hillsdon Art Show.