• We believe play is central to children’s learning.

    At Hillsdon, children are encouraged to play freely as we believe play is central to children’s learning. To support our play-based philosophy, we use the Early Years Learning Framework, which is the national curriculum, and the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guideline which was developed by the Queensland Studies Authority to enrich children’s learning.

    Preparing for Prep

    Kindergarten is an important step in early childhood education, helping children to develop strong social skills, and encouraging a love of learning. The curriculum offers a range of fun and stimulating activities, as well as fostering a sense of independence and confidence in children, and preparing children for a smooth transition to the Preparatory year of schooling (‘Prep’).

    A holistic experience

    At Hillsdon, we foster the emotional, physical and social development of children by encouraging them to learn to work with others, helping them to express their creativity, building their communication skills, building peer relationships through co-operative play and group activities, and developing the skills that they need for reading, writing and mathematics.

    Please come and talk to us

    We encourage parents and guardians to discuss with us their thoughts on our learning program and we are always happy to provide more detailed information about the learning philosophy that informs our approach.